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Being India’s best waterproof block board, Durobord is known for its smooth warpfree finish, fine quality, strength & suitability for wardrobes.
Sardaplywood is a leading Plywood company in India, offering high quality BWP grade ply for bed base, walls and other wood work in office & homes.
Made with the high quality tropical hardwood, DURO Pumaply is an all-weather proof and waterresistant plywood that can be used in furniture, bathroom , kitchen, etc.
DURO presents Durodoor Flush doors made with well-seasoned timber. Being water & termite proof, they are an ideal choice for bedrooms, bathrooms.
Made with the best quality tropical hardwood, DURO Pumaply is an all-weather proof and water resistant 19mm plywood available in India to be used in bathroom , kitchen, etc.
Beautify interiors while making no compromise on QUALITY and durability. Tower Board and Ply in India by Sarda is a product high on durability and strength.
For instance, waterproof plywood for bathroom is an ideal material for making all types of furniture for bathroom. This variant of ply is treated with some exclusive and high quality preservatives that enable it to combat everything that takes place around water.
One of the most significant things to be considered while deciding upon the perfect placement of furniture in a living room is to decide upon a focal point.