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ERCO Ercoupe - Wikipedia

Specifications (Ercoupe 415-C) Crew: one. Capacity: one passenger. Length: 20 ft 9 in (6.32 m) Wingspan: 30 ft 0 in (9.14 m) Height: 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m) Wing area: 142.6 ft2 (13.25 m2) Empty weight: 749 lb (339 kg) Useful load: 511 lb (233 kg)

Erco Ercoupe - AOPA

Erco ErcoupeErco Ercoupe. Overview. ercoupe. One comments on the Ercoupe only .... Specifications. 1947 ERCO Ercoupe 415-D, 1959 Forney F1, 1965 Alon ...

Ercoupe 415D Specifications, Cabin Dimensions, Speed ...

Ercoupe 415D specifications, number of passengers, seats, cabin dimensions, useful load, range, fuel capacity, landing distance speed, ZFW.

ERCOUPE, AIRCOUPE - Plane & Pilot Magazine

STANDARD DATA (Ercoupe): Seats: 2; Gross weight: 1,400 lbs.; Empty weight; 838 lbs.; Fuel capacity: 25 gals.; Engine: 85 hp Continental. PERFORMANCE: Top speed: 125 mph; Cruise speed: 110 mph; Stall speed: 47 mph; Initial climb rate: 560 fpm; Service ceiling: 11,000 ft.; Range: 430 nm.

Erco 415-C Ercoupe, Single-engine two-seat low-wing twin ...

Erco 415-C Ercoupe, Single-engine two-seat low-wing twin-rudder light monoplane, U.S.A., aircraft photos, specifications and performance data>

Erco Ercoupe Aircraft history performance and specifications

Erco Ercoupe history, performance and specifications. The Erco Ercoupe. An aircraft “incapable of spinning” sold in the men's department of Macy's department ...

Why Buy a Coupe? - Ercoupe Owners Club

You can also search for The Ercoupe on the used market from several sources. In addition, the Univair book Specification, A.D. notes, S.T.C.s, (Univair product ...

ERCO Ercoupe 415 - Specifications - Technical Data ...

detailed technical data, specifications and photos of Touring Aircraft ERCO Ercoupe 415.

1946 Ercoupe 415D | MNCPPC, MD

The Ercoupe was manufactured by the Engineering and Research Corporation ... Wingspan: 30 feet, 0 inches; Length: 20 feet, 9 inches; Empty Weight: 845 lbs.

Erco 415-C Ercoupe | The Museum of Flight

About; Specs. First produced in 1940 by The Engineering and Research Corp. (Erco) the 415 Ercoupe was designed to be an easy-to-fly, affordable, and safe ...

mid-atlantic air museum - erco/sanders 415-g "ercoupe" virtual ...

By 1937 he felt that he had succeeded with a plane he named the "Ercoupe". ... Safety was one of the major selling points of the Ercoupe. ... SPECIFICATIONS.

Ask Dr. Wilbur - AvSport of Lock Haven

Modifying an experimental vs. a certified aircraft; Ercoupe maximum gross weight; Ground adjustable prop; Instrument approach airspeed; Auto ...

Ercoupe Gross Weight Increase - LSA # 1320 STC | ALPHA ...

FAA STC SA02450CH -(FAA STC Approved Installation). Product: Authorization and Installation Instructions. Approved for: Ercoupe 415C or 415CD Serial #'s ...

Rudders? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Rudders - AVweb

When I say, Ercoupe, you might think, “Funny-looking airplanes that seat ... gross weight for Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) from 1320 pounds to 3600 ...

ERCO Ercoupe 415-C | National Air and Space Museum

The ERCO 415 Ercoupe was a response to the Bureau of Air Commerce's .... m (5 ft 11 in); Weight, Empty: 329 kg (725 lbs); Weight, Gross: 534 kg (1,175 lbs) ...

fully operational wwii aircraft and ground equipment, fine art ...

The Ercoupe was designed between 1936 and 1940, with the first flight of the prototype in 1937. ... Designed by Fred Weick and a small team, the Ercoupe was the first plane to incorporate much of the original ... Performance & Specifications.

The Rise and Fall of the Plane "Anyone Could Fly" | Travel ...

Celebrities Jane Russell and Dick Powell "christen" a new Ercoupe. (Photo ... This was the Ercoupe, “the airplane that anyone could fly.”.

Wanted: One Ercoupe, Lightly Used | History | Air & Space ...

The author's 1947 Ercoupe 415‑CD at home in its New Mexico hangar, decorated ... “legacy” light sport airplanes: Near-antiques that, due to their weight, power, ...

ERCOUPE Aircraft For Sale - Used & New 1 - 10

AircraftMerchants - Here's a can full of fun! LSA-qualified Ercoupe 415C with metal wings and a 1,320 lb gross weight. Complete instruments ...

Ercoupe History |

Fred is famous for many things, including the NACA cowling and the standard "takeoff/landing over a 50-foot obstacle" specification. He went on to design the ...


ERCOUPE LSA GROSS WEIGHT INCREASE STC KIT STC SA02450CH will increase the allowable gross weight of Univair (ERCO) 415-C and -CD aircraft from ...

Ercoupe Info | Main / HomePage

Welcome to the Ercoupers repair pages. The idea to this collection of articles was born when Al made a detailed description of the replacement of a bottom skin ...

1949 ERCOUPE 415-G For Sale In Phillipsburg, Ohio ...

Used 1949 ERCOUPE 415-G For Sale In Phillipsburg, Ohio. Serial Number: 5022. Total Time: 2651. Airframe: Airframe: 2651 Our time is ... Specifications ...

Ercoupe & Forney Index - Univair

Ercoupe & Forney Index ... 415-C. Propeller. -. Approval of Additional Propellers for Ercoupe ... 415, Wing, Revised 9/1/2008, Aileron Balance Weight Removal.

Univair Aircraft 415C (Erco) (Mooney)(Ercoupe) 12 Volt ...

Univair Aircraft 415C (Erco) (Mooney)(Ercoupe) 12 volt replacement battery fitment ... Cranking Amps, Rated Capacity C1 = 1 hr. rate in ampere hours, Weight.

Alon Aircoupe - All-Aero

The Ercoupe originated from aeronautical engineer Fred Weick and industrialist ... with the outer panels of the wings covered with doped fabric to lessen weight.

Ercoupe - BARNSTORMERS.COM Find Aircraft & Aircraft ...

Subscribe to "Antique-Classic / Ercoupe" Classifieds in Email ... B&C alternator, F&M spin on oil filter adapter, Empty weight 723lbs gross weight 1260lbs.

ERCO Ercoupe | Lofted Aero

The ERCO Ercoupe is a general aviation aircraft from a time when flying was immensely popular. Advertised as “the world's safest plane”, the Ercoupe had great ...

Ercoupe useful load - APSCE

Some Univair Ercoupe 415-C and 415-CD models meet the FAA parameters (such as weight and speed) and can therefore be flown by ...

Ercoupe 415 C or CD questions | Pilots of America

If a 415C or 415CD Ercoupe has ever been modified to be outside of the LSA specifications, it is no longer eligible to be flown as an LSA by a ...

MS 162 - Ercoupe Owners Club - Collections - Center for ...

Ercoupe/Forney/Alon/Mooney aircraft registration and owner listing, .... Heath), 1968 1976; Specifications Alon X A4, 1967; Cutaway Illustration of Ercoupe, 1945 ...

Accident ERCO 415-C Ercoupe N99168, 19 Nov 2011

The passenger also reported that the pilot did not ask him his weight for the purpose of weight and balance calculations. The pilot did not ...

Airplane For Sale - 1949 ERCO 415-G Ercoupe

N94894, 1949 Ercoupe, 415-G. Price: $17,900. All Specifications Subject to Verification Upon Inspecting. Availability Subject to Prior Lease, Sale, or Withdrawal ...

Tim's ERCOUPE Page - Cedar City Utah

The Ercoupe/Aircoupe was designed between 1936 and 1940, with the first flight ... The Ercoupe 415-C and CD have a maximum gross weight of 1260 lbs and ...

Plane of the Week: The Erco Ercoupe - Aviation Oil Outlet

Ercoupe took its first flight in October 1937 and quickly became a favorite ... Plane of the week, erco, erco ercoupe, erco ercoupe plane specs.

Ercoupe useful load

Consider the useful load against the standard 1320-pound ISA max gross weight. 5- 5. . Vne is 232 km/h and the Ercoupe has a range of ...

ERCO Ercoupe - Wikiwand

ERCO Ercoupe l một loại my bay hạng nhẹ cnh dưới, được thiết kế chế tạo ở ... Tnh năng kỹ chiến thuật (Ercoupe 415-C) ... “Ercoupe 415-C Specifications”.

Erco 415C Ercoupe - Pima Air and Space Museum - Tucson ...

In its standard form the Ercoupe does not have rudder pedals. ... The Ercoupe was first sold in 1939, but World War II temporarily stopped ... Specifications ...

1949 ERCO / Forney / Alon Ercoupe 415G 5022 N94894 for ...

See the price, spec and contact the seller of this 1949 ERCO / Forney / Alon Ercoupe 415G for sale. Serial number 5022, Registration number N94894.

1941 Ercoupe Model 415-C - NC28961 - EAA

The Ercoupe 415-C was type certified as a non-spinnable aircraft. ... The Ercoupe was designed by Fred E. Weick of aircraft propeller fame. ... Gross Weight.

Erco Ercoupe and derivatives -

In 1937, Fred Weick of Erco (The Engineering and Research Corp) developed the model 310, which was the basis for the distinctive Ercoupe. The first flight was ...

ERCO Ercoupe - WikiZero

The ERCO Ercoupe is a low-wing monoplane aircraft that was designed and built in ..... up-travel restriction of the 415-D removed and the gross weight lowered.

Ercoupe | Aircraft | -

Ercoupe Private Plane-Downloadable Card Model fromFiddlers Green. ... for many things, including the "takeoff/landing over a 50-foot obstacle" specification.

CEN09LA291: Full Narrative - NTSB

On May 12, 2009, at 1110 eastern daylight time, a Univair Ercoupe 415-C, .... The airplane had a maximum gross weight of 1,260 lbs and an empty weight of ...

1946 ercoupe 415c specs howard - -

The postwar One Ercoupe was built in with a retractable undercarriage but no production followed. Results 1 - 7 of 7 Performance Specs. Ercoupe C, TT, SMOH, ...

Ercoupe forum

He didn't but an Ercoupe owner at the same airport did. The first ..... 415C; New Jersey Sport Pilot Lessons and Training - Ercoupe 415C Specs.

Dumas Erco Ercoupe Park Flyer Kit 36" |

Product: Dumas Erco Ercoupe Park Flyer Kit 36. ... The airplane is designed to be built light, the 3cell extra weight may affect longevity of the structure over the ...

Performance & Specifications - Aircraft Bluebook

Airplane Specifications & Performance Figures; Helicopter Specifications ..... B 80 Queen Air - specs thru 1972, Piston, 380, 216, 195, 71, 214, 26,800, 11,800 ...

ERCO 415-C Ercoupe, N99168: Accident ... - Kathryn's Report

Aircraft: ERCOUPE 415-C, registration: N99168 ... The passenger also reported that the pilot did not ask him his weight for the purpose of ...

Ercoupe 415-C | Light Aircraft DB & Sales - Pilotmix

Some of the Ercoupe's (415-C and 415-CD models) are for sale as LSA (light ... Empty weight: 749 lbs (340 kg); MTOW: 1260 lbs (572 kg); Stall speed: 42 kts (48 ...

Ercoupe 1/4 and 1.5th scale - Parts Set - Belair

Ercoupe The Ercoupe was a very popular civilian aircraft that has been flown by ... Two scales available: SPECS: 1/4 Scale Ercoupe Wingspan – 90” Wing Area ...

ERCO Ercoupe | Military Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The ERCO Ercoupe is a low-wing monoplane aircraft that was designed and built in ... of the 415-D removed but with the option of reverting to -D specification.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition - ERCO Ercoupe ...

The FSX: Steam Edition version of the Ercoupe 415C does its real world counterpart ... Closely matches real world performance specifications

Ercoupe - The Golden Age of Aviation

The Ercoupe was the first Cival aircraft produces with an unconventional Tricycle land gear: Tricycle ... SPECIFICATIONS for and Ercoupe 415-C Span: 30 ft.

N94894, 1949 Ercoupe, 415-G. Price: $17,900. All ... - Pinterest

N94894, 1949 Ercoupe, 415-G. Price: $17900. All Specifications Subject to Verification Upon Inspecting. Availability Subject to Prior Lease, Sale, or Withdrawal ...

Used ercoupe aircraft - Netrategy

It was used on an Ercoupe light aircraft in tests in 1941 at March Field, .... Specifications are subject to buyer's verification, and aircraft are ...

Ercoupe airplane pictures - Randall Hills Photography

The Ercoupe began the “safe, easy to fly” airplane theme. People who ..... Ercoupe / Aircoupe Aircraft History, Specification and Information.

Ercoupe - Backcountry Pilot

Any of you guys have any experience with an Ercoupe 415C? I have a guy ... I was surprised that it has more useable weight than my 150 did.

ERCO Ercoupe. Specifications. A photo. -

ERCO Ercoupe. Specifications. A photo. ERCO Ercoupe is a lightweight single-engine multipurpose monoplane, developed by American ...

Airworthiness Directives; Univair Aircraft ... - Federal Register

That AD resulted from several Ercoupe accidents. We issued ... 57 describes procedures for aileron balance weight inspection and removal.

1/3 Scale Ercoupe (415-D) - Balsa USA

Home > Airplane Kits > 1/3 Scale Ercoupe (415-D). 0 Reviews. 1/3 Scale Ercoupe (415-D) · Larger Photo ... Description, Specifications ...

Untitled Page

For more history of Ercoupes, look at the About Ercoupe and Ercoupe Trivia pages. Specifications Crew: 1. Capacity: 1 passenger. Length: 20 ft 4 in (6.18 m)

Tempest Plus > Products > Fuel Products > Fuel Pumps

Fuel Pump Specifications ... Original equipment fuel pumps for early TCM engines, and airplanes such as the Ercoupe or Globe Swift were once extremely hard ...

1946 Ercoupe 415-C - N99672 | AircraftSales.US

The Ercoupe was one of the most unusual-and controversial-light airplanes ever built. ... N99672 1. Aircraft Overview; Logbooks; Specifications; Aircraft Location ...

ERCO 415D Ercoupe - Yanks Air Museum

DISPLAY STATUS: MFG: First Produced: Number Built: Armament: COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Wingspan: Wing Area: Length: Height: Empty Weight: Gross Weight:

The appeal of vintage LSAs - General Aviation News

Many aviators dream of flying a vintage Piper or Ercoupe or ... with the certified weight limit of 1,320 pounds for land airplanes and 1,430 ...

ERCO Ercoupe - Wikipedia, t - AeroElectric Pages 1 - 10 - Text ...

Description: ERCO Ercoupe ERCO Ercoupe Role Utility aircraft ... 2.1 Specifications (Ercoupe 415-C) First flight 1937 2.2 Wartime Service ...

Buy Erco Ercoupe: Electric Online at Low Prices in India ... Buy Erco Ercoupe: Electric online at low price in India on Check out Erco Ercoupe: Electric reviews, ratings, specifications and more at ...

The Ercoupe: A Touch of Class!! Vol 1: Frank Rytenhyde ...

The Ercoupe is a fixed wing propeller plane that sits up to 2 people, and was ... This book is a celebration of these planes;the history, specifications and ...

Weekend Pilots: Technology, Masculinity, and Private ...

1945, 111; Karant, “The Ercoupe,” 80; Horne, “The Ercoupe,” 132; MSRP for a new ... “Classic Car Values and Specs,”

Dumas 1820 Erco Ercoupe, 1820: Toys & Games

This is the radio controlled, electric powered Dumas Erco Ercoupe Park Flyer Kit. ... Specs: • Wingspan: 36" (914mm) • Length: 24-7/8 (632mm) • Wing Area: 216 ...

1820 Erco Ercoupe, Airplanes - Amazon Canada

1820 Erco Ercoupe in Airplanes. ... Specs: Wingspan: 36" (914mm) Length: 24-7/8 (632mm) Wing Area: 216 sq in (13.9 sq dm) Airfoil: Flat bottom Center of ...

Ercoupe Cleveland Wheel and Brake Conversion Kit from ...

Ercoupe Cleveland Wheel and Brake Conversion Kit from SkyGeek. ... All specifications, illustrations, data and prices are subject to change without notice.

ERCO Ercoupe Plan - Nick Ziroli Scale Plans

The giant scale Ercoupe plan set is 1/4.5 scale and consists of three large sheets ... Scale: 2.66" - 1'; Wingspan: 80"; Length: 53"; Wing Area: 900 sq/in; Weight: ...

African Pilot: 2019-04-01 - Ercoupe - PressReader

The Ercoupe is a low-wing monoplane aircraft that was designed and built in the United .... Wing Area: 142.6 square feet Empty weight: 838-lbs.

FT Style Swappable Ercoupe | Flite Test

RC SPECS: Wingspan: 39.5 inches. Length: 30 inches. Powerplant: Powerpack C or equivalent. Prop: 9x6 CCW APC prop. Servos: 3X Turnigy ...

Seagull Model Ercoupe RC Plane, 33cc ARF | Buy ARF ...

Seagull Model Ercoupe RC Plane, 33cc ARF, Buy yours today at Modelflight.

1959 ERCOUPE/FORNEY F1 – Price: Call – Airplane-market ...

Complete logbooks since new. Specifications. Year: 1959; Manufacturer: ERCOUPE/FORNEY; Model: F1; Condition: Used; Total Time: 1,870; Location: Chico, ...

Balsa USA 1/3 Scale Ercoupe (415-D) Kit No. 408

Specifications. Wing Span: 120 inches. Wing Area: 2400 sq. in. Wing Loading: 27-31 oz./sq. ft. Flying Weight: 28-30 lbs. Fuselage Lenght: 84 Inches Height: 27 ...

Flysimware Ercoupe 415C

Flysimware Ercoupe 415C. ... Model: ERCO Ercoupe 415C. Auto Installer: YES ... (All performance figures from Sea Level and Full Gross Weight)..... Top speed ...

Ercoupe model 415 d manual

Ercoupe model 415 d manual. Specifications ( 1949 Ercoupe 415- G) [ 2]. Aviators Hot Line is your source for [ title] Aircraft Description. Ercoupe Service Manual.

Erco Ercoupe Park Flyer Kit 36 - RC DEPOT

Dumas Erco Ercoupe Park Flyer Kit 36". \8,900(税抜). SPECS: Wingspan: 36" (914mm) Length: 24-7/8 (632mm) Wing Area: 216 sq in (13.9 sq dm) Airfoil: Flat ...

Ercoupe news

The FSX: Steam Edition version of the Ercoupe 415C does its real world counterpart proud, accurately replicating the aircraft's performance specifications in-sim.

Erco Ercoupe, Forne Fornair / Alon Aircoupe - light aircraft

MODEL, Erco Model 415-E Ercoupe. CREW, 1. PASSENGERS, 1. ENGINE, 1 x 85hp Continental C85-12 flat-four piston engine. WEIGHTS. Take-off weight, 635 ...

Ercoupe 415-CD | Aviators Hot Line

Aircraft Specifications. Aircraft: Ercoupe 415-CD; Year: 1946; Price: $18,000; Condition: Pre-Owned; Location: Bill Spurlock (580) 799-2521 - Elk City, OK

ERCO Ercoupe 415C Add-On | Dovetail Store

The FSX: Steam Edition version of the Ercoupe 415C does its real world counterpart proud, accurately replicating the aircraft?s performance specifications ...

1946 ERCOUPE 415-C - Gardner Aircraft Sales

1946 ERCOUPE 415-CSold. SPECIFICATIONS ... QR Code. All Specifications Subject to Verification By Purchaser or His Agents on or Before Time of Delivery.

Ercoupe 415-C - Jim Brennan Photography

Empty weight, dry 867 pounds (fairly recent weighing: no gas, no oil). Gross weight, 1320 pounds by STC. very nice interior. Mode C Xponder. multiple oil tank ...

Ercoupe parts manual ipc all models

Ercoupe aircraft parts manual IPC catalog manual download. Parts manual for all ... Erco Ercoupe aircraft specifications history and performance. Models include ...

United States Civil Aircraft Register


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